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Welcome to the BETA Tester Program

  • Night Clubs Live is a live club update app that shows you the wait times, occupancy, girl:guy ratio, etc.
  • Avoid waiting in line for hours and see the best time to go.
  • See your friends’ location.
  • Future feature: challenges¬†between frats, sororities, club teams, etc.

What’s Next?

  • As a beta tester, you get early access to the app and give feedback so the app includes everything you want.
  • Spread the word, post about it, get the people you go out with to sign up too!
  • We’ll have meetings every two weeks- if you can’t make them, no worries.
  • If you have questions/want to reach out, my name is Sarah El-Ali (954-831-9407,¬†[email protected])